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An intimate digital space to share insights and connect with local tourism professionals

A Virtual Way to
Meet / Share / Learn

Meet Local Connections

Each Virtual Meetup unites professionals from one specific geographic location, a unique approach that ensures all attendees enter the conversation with a mutual understanding of the opportunities and challenges specific to their hometown. You’ll instantly connect through common knowledge of your shared location, economy, and culture.

Share Your Story & Learn from Others

We want to hear what you have to say and we know you’re eager to hear from others, too! By limiting registration to ten attendees per event, Virtual Meetups enable every attendee to participate and share different learnings and perspectives.*

*Multiple sessions may be added per location if registration exceeds ten attendees.

How It Works

The schedule for upcoming Virtual Meetups will be driven by our constant and careful evaluation of the current state of tourism in different locations around the world. Based on industry insights, FareHarbor will determine when and where Virtual Meetups have the highest potential impact and update the schedule accordingly.

To facilitate the most meaningful experiences possible, registration for Virtual Meetups is by invitation only at this time. Until then, you can help us gauge interest in different locations by filling out the form below.

Interested? Let Us Know!

Let Us Know!